The community Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Centers (SEBNC) serves has the following profile:


The community is 97% persons of African and/or Latin descent;

The majority of the population is in the age groups of 0-17 and 25-44 with a life expectancy of 76.2 years – one of the lowest in NYC;

31% are foreign born and 27% have limited English proficiency;

19% of the community is college educated, 45% have a H.S. diploma or some college, and 36% have less than a H.S. diploma – one of the lowest outcomes in NYC;

31% are impoverished, the unemployment rate is 16%, rent challenges are at 60%;

Mental and medical health pathologies are one of the highest in NYC;

Incarceration rates, teen birth rates, and incidents of violence are also one of the highest in NYC.

NYCDOH. (2018). Community Health Profiles. NYC: NYCDOH.

SEBNC's primary focus is to provide evidenced based high quality programs and services that will improve, strengthen, and enrich the lives of the families and other residents of the Southeast Bronx as well as NYC to ensure that they will fulfill their dreams of becoming productive contributors to the betterment of society.  Given our focus, we are actively seeking opportunities for funding to create more programs to meet the needs of the Southeast Bronx.  It is through your generous support that we can improve the future of the families and individuals residing in the richly diverse community of the Southeast Bronx.  Through your support, we can change lives for the better!

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