Dear Potential Investor/Donor

We are very pleased that you are interested in helping us create, grow, and sustain programs that will significantly help to improve the lives of the families and other residents of the Southeast Bronx, which is one of the poorest communities in New York City.  We are seeking funding that will reduce poverty  in our service area through improving health outcomes, increasing educational achievements, reducing incarceration rates, increasing job training and employment opportunities, stabilizing family structures, and helping those in immediate crisis or in desperate situations.  We are uniquely located in a densely populated area where services would be and are immediately used, which means your contributions would be and are critical to meeting the needs of  the  families and individuals we serve.

On the upside, the Southeast Bronx is a vibrant community rich in diversity and culture, it is full of youth with great potential, and its residents are full of love, resiliency, and sacrifice.  We, at SEBNC, invite you in supporting us in building a brighter future for the residents of the Southeast Bronx through your generous contributions, which will be targeted at strengthening families, nurturing children/youth, and helping other residents in need, as well as, the elderly and those in crisis.

If you have any questions regarding joining us in creating a better life for the residents of a very special community, please feel free to contact us at (718) 542-2727  ext. 112 or at



Dwayne P. Seymour, PhD, LCSW, MBA

Executive Director


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